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Image of Renthal Trials Fat Bars Tanium 4.5" - Toni Bou

RENTHAL FAT BAR - TRIALS 4.5" - Champion Toni Bou
The Renthal Trials 4.5" Fat Bar is tailored to match the riding position of the established 7/8" 4.5" Trials Bar, but with all the benefits offered by the Fatbar
The Renthal Fatbar® features a tapered outer wall resulting in a 1 1/8" (28.6mm) clamping diameter and 7/8" diameter at the control ends.
This profiled wall and braceless design combines excellent strength with good flexibility.
KTM and Suzuki have chosen the Renthal Fatbar® as the ultimate braceless handlebar and fit them as original equipment where this design is preferred within their range.

Size : Renthal fat bars