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Image of SM Expert Trials Shocks
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Our SM Products trials shocks have been designed to our specification with the help of Mick Grant, Ported to our specification for a faster rebound speed.

THe Betor factory in Spain is no more but they are made in Spain by some of the original Betor staff.

Used and recommended by Vesty and Mick Grant.

12mm rods and 340mm and longer have 100mm travel.

330mm have a slightly shorter travel.

We can rebuild or supply repair kits if required.

Great value and suitable for most twin shock / pre 65 trials bikes.

We can supply reducer bushes standard are 12mm but can reduce to 10mm or 8mm please ask with your order.

Please state if you need 1/2" bushes as we can change them before sending as more involved than just fitting the reducer bushes.


Size : Shock absorber trials
Length : 0inches
Width : inches
Height : 0inches
Weight : 0g