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Image of Twin Motocross Triumph PVL Electronic Ignition System

BSA & Triumph Twin MOTOCROSS PVL system for 360 degree cranks (complete kit with machined rotor and ready to fit 3/4" crankshaft) In our opinion the PVL Electronic ignition system is the best modification you could do to most 250cc upwards 4 stroke MX BSA & Triumph twin models . This top quality German product is an Digital system which gives a strong reliable spark for easy starting. It comes complete with everything you need for installation including instructions. It fits easily where the original Lucas system would mount and eliminates the need for a battery,distributor or points as it is self generating. Please note, Ignition Only, does not run Lights, switches or any other electrics. We can also supply single cylinder versions of this system for MX and also single and twin analogue systems for Trials.

Size : PVL twin ignition
Length : 0inches
Width : inches
Height : 0inches
Weight : 0g