Product Information

Hand Crafted in England
Our products are made to the highest standard with quality materials, most of them are hand crafted in England.
Here is a list of our major products manufactured to our own specification in England.

Trials Bike Parts
At SM Products we specialise in Classic Pre 65 and Twin Shock Trials bike parts. Many of our products have been designed and modified exclusively for us at SM Products.
We take the time to use the highest quality materials where possible, to ensure our products last and perform to a high standard.
Many of our products have had input from some great riders, including Sammy Miller himself and Mick Andrews and Vesty. Our products have been tried and tested and we have had excellent results, improving and redeveloping many of our products.

SM Shocks
Our SM shocks are especially made to our specifications and should NOT be confused with other imported shocks.
Our Expert Trials Shocks and our Motocross Shocks have been designed to our specifications and developed with the help of Mick Grant to speed up the rebound to give a faster response which drastically increases grip.
Sammy Miller and Mick Andrews, Mick Grant and Vesty have ridden with our shocks and are very impressed with their performance.

PVL Ignition
SM Products are now the importers of PVL Ignition.
We can supply PVL ignition for Single or Twin cylinders for Trials, Motocross, Road Race and Hill Climbing. For a powerful, faultless ignition system choose PVL...... These ignition systems are well proven, a direct replacement for the original point and condensers. They provide a faultless spark every time, regardless of weather or climate, so no more misfires after a splash in the streams!
Tyres and Tubes
At SM Products we stock a comprehensive range of trials tyres and trail tyres including all the best competition makes such as:
Michelin X11 Front and Rear Tyres Tubed or Tubeless
Our Michelin tyres are one of the softest compound tyres on the market
Pirelli MT43 Front and Rear Tyres Tubed or Tubeless
Our Pirelli tyres are an ideal trials tyre for the rider who wishes to use their trials bike on the road. Made of a harder compound for both road use and Trials these are road legal tyres.
Venhill Cables
Our Venhill Cables are more commonly known as feather light cables. They have a nylon centre sleeve to reduce linear friction and maintain an easy action.
Some of the cables we supply are made to our own specifications and can only be purchased through us or a SM Products dealer. All our cables are made by Venhill engineering